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my manic mission statement.

1. I'm nothing special. I get drunk and dance and smoke and make out just like everyone else in New York. A friend ( suggested thebiggestloserintheworld as a blogname for me and i suspect the title would be apt. Still, I have an ego that won’t quit and can’t imagine the person who wouldn’t be interested in my life or lack thereof. So anyone who thinks blogging is the ultimate indication of a person’s unbridled narcissism—you're totally right. Just don't read my blog, smart guy.

2. I’m supposed to be making myself write all the time, and never do it. I work at a magazine and after 3 + years of being clever on command, the thought of producing anything else makes me want to vomit. So here’s to self-discipline. Think of this blog as my self-induced verbal vomiting up of the week's naughty bits.

3. Like any halfway social magazine employee, sometimes I get invited to really good parties. And really good shows. I will always, always post pictures and juice the day after.

Ok that's it. cheers, holla, here's to an auspicious new beginning, hugs and kisses and all that stuff.



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