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time magazine's man of the year is based on the person who makes the most impact in that year.. good or bad. bush deserved it and if you would actually take the time to READ THE FUCKING ARTICLE its not a praise of him by any stretch of the imagination.

remember. stalin won it twice, hitler once, the ayotollah once


i've felt like i've had this conversation many times too.

not to repeat nick, but the honor goes to the biggest newsmaker, not the "favorite guy of the year" or "most likely to succeed" or anything like that.

come on cardace, get it together!


thing is, even though that's the meaning behind the "person of the year" assignation, it's still depressing to me that he's the person who made the most impact this year--because the particular impact he's had has been so jawdroppingly negative for our country (in my opinion, at least). and it really made my stomach sink to see that cover. so what i really meant to say, i guess, was 'wow. how depressing that of all the people in the world doing amazing and inspiring things, this wanker trumped them all.'

and i did read the article, mr. smartypants one and two! and that was my reaction to it. but believe me, i understand how irritating mindless liberal reaction to this stuff can be. i myself am a fiscal conservative.

either way, i'm glad that something i wrote provoked an intelligent debate on this humblest of blogs. but perhaps i should stick to party flyers. :)

ps. carlin, YOU get it together, beast! and don't move to LA, fucker. nyc misses you already. sniffle.


don't hate the playa...

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