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that's some serious cash!


ok ok. i admit it. john had another comment here and i took it down because i thought it was mean. i was planning on reposting it because i felt bad about being an evil censor, but then i discovered his new, gay comment. he originally wrote:

"I think scalping on craigslist is kind of evil."

well jk, i know that it might seem that way, but since you decamped for commie california, much of america has embraced a new business model. you can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitalism

but seriously, my post was really meant more to point out that some moron paid $120 to see the killers. i'd say such brazen disregard for the value of a dollar demands punishment, or at least that he deserves for the other kids to point and laugh at him in the lunchroom.


i will save you an anti-scalping/do it for the scene rant, and just say that i'm kind of 60-40 on the whole thing.

yeah, if some idiot is going to pay $120 for tix to see the killers, then let the idiot do it. not everyone is going to get moralistic and try to find the most pathetic craigslister begging for tix (who seems like a real fan--whatever that means), which is what i generally try to do.

and yeah, i'm sort of a commie.


I don't mind scalping. I do a little myself. I've counted on scalpers many many times. When a show sells out before I get tickets, if no one was reselling, I'd be out of luck. At least it presents an opportunity for me to chose to go or not. I bought above face for Hot Hot Heat (23) and Bloc Party (35), but both were worth it.

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